Why Should You Choose Gens Ace Battery For Your RC Car? [The Truth]

Gens Ace Battery For Your RC Car

Car owners always want to buy batteries which do not cost much in terms of maintenance and at the same time, they also look for its warranty. If you possess a car then you would like to install the longest lasting RC car battery for minimizing your expense. The RC aka Reserve Category is an important rating of batteries. It refers to the amount of speed at which a fully charged battery is discharged before the voltage drops to a minimum level. LiPo or lithium polymer battery is a powerful car battery which is rechargeable and commonly used in cars.

For example, mention may be made of Gens Ace LiPo cells, a powerful LiPo battery for RC cars. It comes with incredible features which have made it popular among car owners.

Why should you choose Gens ace battery?

Gens Ace, the longest lasting RC car batteryis fortified with a capacity of 5mm sockets to minimize the amount of resistance it puts while running. It also comes with a hard case in black color with beautiful stickers. This helps to protect the cells from any possible damage. It is often used in the car racing competitions because of its powerful nature. Let’s have a sneak peek into the features of this series of battery.

This video is considered highly creative for Rc car hobby, Look like a true car and moving really fast. That is Why Gens ace lipo is the #1.
 #1  Gens Ace series offers a superb resistance used to work in the most difficult conditions. Together it offers high speed and a longer than expected cycle life. Performance wise, it can be described as a top-class battery. This LiPo battery for RC cars offers a very dependable power capacity for car models including Emaxx, Traxxas Slash, Rustler, Bandit, Kyosho GP 4WD RACING TRUCK etc. HPI Strada XB 1/10 RTR Electric Buggy etc.

 #2  Gens Ace, the best RC car battery is a name associated with worlds renowned manufacturing and research corporations who are working dearly to invent the longest running RC batteries. It has become possible with the active support of its highly skilled technicians and professionals who are working day and night in the hope of better invention. The specialty with this Gens Ace series of batteries is that they believe in the optimization of services and quality to make their customers happy and satisfied. This is why their batteries are customized for different types of car models including nitro cars, electronic cars, airplanes and even for smaller models like electric bikes, toys, electric autos etc.

 #3  You can easily order Gens Ace,the best RC car battery online directly from the USA. They are usually dispatched with speedy couriers so that you can get them as early as possible. Their shipping related formalities are very fast, and you will have peace of mind once you order them. This LiPo battery for RC cars come with an extended warranty service with an affordable price. They are a leader in the field of premier quality Lipo batteries that come with the battery power of 100c. The other remarkable quality of this series of Gens Ace battery is that their stable discharged capacity.

 #4  Gens Ace batteries offer a reliable voltage till the end of your destination. You need not have to think twice while going on a long trip. More importantly, Gens Ace, the best RC car batteryqualifies the ISO9001, ISO14001 certifications, the standard safety recommendations. It comes with a quality Deans+JST-XHR-3P Balance Plug, which will go well with all types of car models that this Lipo battery supports. A fresh version of this Gens Ace series of batteries is the RS series, which offers better stability than previous versions.

Gens ace RS series
Gens ace RS series

Check Gens Ace RS Battery Now

So, what are you thinking about? It has been tested and proved that this Gens Aceis the name you can rely upon when you need to replace your car batteries. This is the longest lasting RC car battery available currently which fulfills the requirements of car owners. While you are driving, you want to be safe and want no disturbance. You would never want your battery to break down or fail while on a trip.

These LiPo batteries for RC carsare most sought after because of their lightweight, superb energy density and a powerful discharge rate. They have changed the notion of RC batteries. A constant improvement in the world of these batteries has boosted their performance for all types of RC vehicles, not only rc car.



Last but not the least, all electronic goods come with some limitations. They need better maintenance if you want them to last long. Same is true with these Gens Ace battery, the longest lasting RC car battery. They should be handled well for better lifespan. Since these batteries comply with safety standards and also offers a superb performance, you should buy them next time you need to replace your car battery. They have garnered very good reviews from customers across the world. You can rely on them, no worries!!

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