Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2022 | Lipo Battery

Ovonic BFCM Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the annual shopping carnival, if you plan to buy lipo battery at this time, then don’t miss this opportunity. Ovonic offers you a great deal.

What are the offers in Ovonic’s BFCM Sale?

  1. Bottom Price in 2022
  2. As Low As $9.90/Each
  3. 10 off over $99, $25 off over $199
  4. U.S. users order free 4 AAA batteries

Promotion Period: 2022/11/22 – 2022/11/30 UTC-08:00

Products offered by Ovonic BFCM Sale

Battery for FPV quads

Product: Ovonic 130C 6S 1400mAh

Ovonic 130C 6S 1400mah Lipo Battery 22.2V Pack with XT60 Plug for FPV RacingComments: Best lipo battery for Racing 5-inch quadcopter.

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate: 130C | Voltage: 6s / 22.2V | Size: 75mm*38mm*40mm (L*W*H) | Connector: XT60 Plug | Weight: 222g

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Want to find more lipo batteries for the FPV 5-inch quadcopter? Ovonic offers many more options like 1550mah 4s 100C, 1300mah 6s 120c, and more. The high quality 1150mah 6s 100C is our most popular product because it can’t be beaten by the competition for the price. Click OVONIC to find more related products.

Product: Ovonic 80C 4S 850mAh

Ovonic 80C 4S 850mAh Lipo Battery 14.8V with XT30 Plug for CinewhoopsComments: Best lipo battery for FPV Cinewhoop

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate: 80c | Voltage: 4s / 14.8V | Size:  60mm*30mm*30mm(L*W*H) | Connector: XT30 Plug | Weight: 101g

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If you are looking for a lipo battery for a 2-4 inch FPV quad, Ovonic also offers 650mah 4s 80c, 1000mah 6s 100c, and so on.

Product: Ovonic 120C 4S 1800mAh

Ovonic 120C 4S 1800mAh LiPo Battery 14.8V Pack with XT60 Plug for FPVComments: Best lipo battery for FPV long-range quadcopter

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate: 120C | Voltage:  4s / 14.8v | Size:  77mm*38mm9*36mm (L*W*H) | Connector: XT60 Plug | 198.5g

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Besides 1800mah, Ovonic also offers a 2200mah series lipo battery for FPV long-rang quad.

Battery for RC car

Product: Ovonic 80C 3S 5200mAh

Ovonic Rebel 80C 3S 5200mAh 11.1V Hardcase Lipo Battery EC5 For Arrma CarsComments: The best 3s lipo battery for RC cars, like Arrma & Traxxas.

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate: 80C | Voltage: 3s / 11.1v | Size:  138.5mm*46.5mm*31mm(L*W*H) | Connector: EC5 Plug | Weight: 396g

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Product: Ovonic 100C 8000mAh 3S

Ovonic 100C 11.1V 8000mAh 3S LiPo Battery for RC Car - Deans & XT60 PlugComments: Best 3s lipo battery for 1/8 & 1/10 RC car

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate: 100c | Voltage: 3s / 11.1v | Size:  166mm*59mm*27mm (L*W*H) | Connector: Deans Plug or XT60 plug | Weight: 544g

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Battery for RC airplane&Heli

Product: Ovonic 3S 35C 2200mAh

OVONIC 3S 35C 11.1V 2200mAh Short LiPo Battery Pack With XT60 Plug For Aircraft& GoggleComments: Best 3s short lipo battery for RC aircraft & Goggle

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate:  35c | Voltage: 3s / 11.1v | Size:  75mm*33mm*25mm (L*W*H) | Connector: XT60 Plug | Weight: 139g

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Product: Ovonic 2S 35C 2200mAh

OVONIC 2S 35C 7.4V 2200mAh Short LiPo Battery Pack with T Plug For Airplane HelicopterComments: Best 2s short lipo battery for RC Airplane & Helicopter

Brand: Ovonic | C-rate: 35C | Voltage: 2s / 7.4v | Size:  75mm*33mm*16mm (L*W*H) | Connector: Deans Plug | Weight: 85g

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