How to choose a RC car for child

How to choose a RC car for child

Children’s RC car or RC car – not only a boy’s dream but also a girl’s dream! Also, adults generally have no objection to them joining the fun. But how do not get confused by modern products and buy your ideal RC car? Let’s try to figure it out.

what models exist

First, let’s try to find out by visiting a toy store:

Monster Trucks – If you open up the ratings of some RC cars, it is clear that this model is the most popular. The wheels are impressive and the tread strong – that’s why any track is within the player’s reach. Monster trucks are definitely a good choice if you want a sense of driving, and they look impressive. Interestingly, it is especially suitable for beginners.

Buggy and Truggy are racing cars. On a wide track, the cars are stable, maneuverable, and fast enough. With the right track, the race can be spectacular. Tricks are also successful, especially when it comes to Truggy.

Stadium Truck, Short Course – Small off-road vehicle. Such a stroller looks like a miniature replica of a real racing car. The tires are big and the wheelbase is short.

Climbing Car – If you are interested in rock climbing, this toy is perfect. While not as fast, it has the high ground clearance and a deep tooth pattern. The center axle angle of the axle also helps to overcome obstacles in a better way.

On-road is the best choice for racing, its body is a perfect imitation! The child will be able to control the drift easily thanks to the excellent drifting performance and the very hard tires and rubber with good grip.

Rally Cars – These cars are similar to the cars in the previous paragraph, but with more ground clearance. For high-speed driving over rough terrain, maybe this is what you need! They also have good dirt protection and a powerful engine.

About the RC car kit

RTR (Ready to Run) – The product is ready to use after purchase. This is especially convenient for beginners. Granted, in some cases, you’ll need an extra charger or battery. But it’s easy to do, and it’s not always required.

PNP and BND (Plug and Play, Bind and Drive) – These options already provide configuration for the assembly. That said, you’ll need some experience handling such toys. PNP models require the additional purchase of radio control in the form of receiver and transmitter, and BND – transmitter only.

KIT (kit) – fully disassembled machine. Only a child with enough styling experience can handle such a gift. The help of adults will not be superfluous. Controls, motors, and batteries must be selected in a separate order. By the way, many kids enjoy fully assembling cars – this exciting activity allows you to develop engineering skills, perseverance and focus. Also, the skill of using screwdrivers and pliers will come in handy in adulthood.

How to choose a children’s RC car according to age

It is advisable to choose based on the age of the child, here are some things to consider:

Even the simplest children’s radio-controlled car should not be given to children under the age of 3. Even if the kid is smarter than his age. The truth is, at 2 and 3 years old, kids can easily swallow these car-stuffed little parts.

Children over the age of 3 can already buy such gifts. However, if he is less than 5 years old, he needs to choose the simplest model. That is, those who will only drive forward and backward. There is also no need for long-distance races at the moment. Let the remote guide the car to a distance of up to 6 meters – that’s enough.

As soon as your child turns 6-7 years old, you can gift a kids racing car. After all, entrusting him to organize exercises, and various interesting turns is already acceptable. Simple forward and backward movements are already boring.

From 8 to 10 years old, it is better to buy some specialized equipment. For example, excavators, trucks, and off-road vehicles. The more buttons on the remote the better!

And for kids over 11, it’s already possible to give complex equipment. These can be collectible racing cars, models with cameras, options with good detail, and high control complexity.

What materials are RC cars made of?

Plastic is the most common choice because of its price and range for many people. Also, these toys are very lightweight. However, they are very fragile, which is their main disadvantage. For plastic cards, it’s best not to rely on complicated operations. Therefore, buying them is ideal for young children who need simple models.

Models with metal parts – of course, they are more expensive. But much stronger! And the harder the machine is to operate, the more metal it contains. The most advanced options are made entirely from 100% of them. Such a move allows them to withstand shocks during active driving.

Carbon is the most expensive option. But it’s also the most durable. These machines are very powerful. At the same time, it is very nice and lighter than metal.

How to choose the perfect size?

If you want to buy rare things, it is recommended to pay attention to the ratio of 1:10 and 1:18. But 1:16, 1:24, and especially 1:14 can be seen more often in sales.

It is necessary to consider where the child will play with the car. Small cars are best used indoors, but larger cars can also be used outdoors. Especially if the big one is an ATV, then all the fun of playing comes down to overcoming obstacles. Domestically, rough terrain conditions will be difficult to reproduce.

Also, if you want to give an adult child a sophisticated model for outdoor activities, you should go for the larger option. Usually, his fillings are the funniest because he is the most detailed.

It is also important to consider what kind of original car. So the same proportions of a truck and race car would look completely different.

Finished product weight is an important indicator. The bigger the toy, the harder it is to pick it up. That’s why it’s best for little kids to buy a miniature car.

Engine Type Selection Guide

There are only two engines to choose from, but very few adults are well-versed in automotive themes, and the number can be scary. But don’t panic! Making the right choice is not difficult:

Electric is the most versatile and suitable for novice driving car users. This engine doesn’t make much noise, it’s tiny, and it’s environmentally friendly. The latter is especially important if you plan to schedule matches indoors. But at the same time, such an engine takes a long time to charge and cannot work for long before the next charge. Usually, it needs to be recharged after 15-20 minutes. Excessive humidity or temperature problems can render this engine useless. But on the other hand, you don’t need to specifically tune or lubricate this option in some way, which makes it as easy to use as possible.

An internal combustion engine is a more complicated option, but it’s as realistic as possible. It allows the toy to be a real miniature replica of the real car. It produces as much noise and exhaust as a real car. Of course, this option is only suitable for experienced players. And only for outdoor games. In operation, such an engine is difficult because it needs to be sorted, cleaned, and stored in a special way. But, on the other hand, what a powerful toy it turned out to be! Over 80 km/h is a very real speed for such a car. They can play for a long time.

Nuances: what you need to know

For simple, smooth surfaces like floors, a traditional chassis will do. They’re small and sleek – the protector only comes in the form of a pattern. However, this chassis is also suitable for carpets with less pile. But a chassis with a really deep tread and larger diameter is essential for outdoor play. They help to successfully overcome rough terrain.

Just like real cars, toy cars have different drives. Rear-wheel-drive models are recommended for families and frivolous competitions. They have good speed and maneuverability. But for complex handlings, such as offering touring, drifting, and overcoming obstacles, the all-wheel-drive model is ideal. They are stable enough for such purposes. There are front-wheel drive models, but very few. Even because of their uniqueness, it’s not worth buying them, as stability leaves a lot to be desired.

Remote Control Transmitter – It can take the form of a joystick, it can also look like a steering wheel with pedals or even a gun. It is recommended to experiment with the comfort level of pressing the buttons. It’s also important to consider that the remote should fit nicely in a child’s small hands. As for the radius of influence, it can range from 10 m to 100 m. The operating frequency is also different – 2.4 GHz is the best choice. It will be anti-jamming. You can even find a remote with a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi option, which is helpful if you want to control the machine from a tablet or smartphone.

Batteries – which is best?

NiMH batteries – budget, at the same time very reliable and have a good capacity.

Lipo batteries – Light and compact, which is especially good in the case of small cars, provides amazing punch. But it’s very sensitive to low temperatures, and it’s expensive — those points are important. If you are looking for a reasonably priced lipo battery, the high-quality Ovonic would be a good choice.

Additional options for RC cars

  • Effects – can be sounds in the form of brakes, horns, and sirens, or light in the form of headlamps and flashers. These nice additions will give you maximum realism.
  • Moisture and dust proof – thanks to them, the SUV will be able to go through puddles without any problems! Without them, short circuits and corrosion cannot be avoided.
  • Center Differential – Helps if you need good patency. After all, the front and rear wheels will start spinning at different speeds! For SUV – what you need.
  • Metal Chassis Deck – Often found on short-range models that carry huge loads. They are very durable yet lightweight – a great addition!
  • The camera is a great addition to the full presence effect. Most commonly found on radio-controlled airplanes, but cars also feature them.
  • Servo – The system that connects the engine to the wheels. Kind of like a man in the middle. This driver exists in two forms – digital and analog. The former is better, although more expensive.

Playing such an RC car always has vivid emotions, and it also cultivates children’s concentration, diligence, and even the development of a sense of responsibility. In short, this is a great gift for any occasion!

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