How to Take Care of Power Tool Battery

How to Take Care of Power Tool Battery

Power tool battery is a large combination of several smaller cells which are packed inside the case of the battery. These little cells are usually NiCD which makes all the rules applicable on NiCD to apply to them as well. How to take care of power tool battery? These cells are more likely to develop a memory effect in the long run and hence it is imperative to charge these batteries once in a week to guard them effectively against the memory effect. This method of regular charging of batteries is also known as smart charging behavior.

Taking care of power tool battery

power tool batteryThe power of the batteries of the power tools is likely to weaken if the devices are not used for a long time. Proper maintenance of the battery of your power tools is crucial for the efficient maintenance and a longer life for your power tools.

 Proper storage and usage of batteries  to maintain their power and performance should be observed. High-priced batteries should always be utilized to avoid losing their function if not well-used by consumers. Proper care and restoration are some ways to keep batteries maintained in good condition, and in that way, it will be functional for long-term use. Power tool batteries in one package are commonly made up of numerous small cells filled together.

 There are certain regulations that you need to follow for Ni-Cad type battery  since it’s usually made of Nickel-Cadmium, regarding use it has a caution for usage restrictions. This type of batteries may result in a bad effect on one’s memory when used inappropriately. When rechargeable batteries hold a smaller charge in them, memory effect may develop. Most of the time, this happens with Ni-Cad batteries when they have been partly used but recharge fully. Due to the cells’ memory effect, it can only recall smaller capacity.

 The power tool battery should be power cycled at least once a week  to help prevent the occurrence of the damage. The battery should be utilized until it’s fully drained and recharge it completely after use. The battery will be worthless if you don’t make use of it for an extended period.

 Sustaining the Power tool battery, well is a need to avoid it from being stocked.  Proper use would be a great help to avoid these major problems. Charge and discharge it rarely, and the battery should be sustained well when taken out from storage. To keep it functional and useful, the battery should be maintained in cold, dry places, away from metals and warm to keep it in good working condition.

During working hours this may be utilized for any period in dirty, moist free and dirty places. Reconstruction can be used to improve the current battery with higher capacity cells that will endure. It only shows that the effectively of the batteries can be enhanced to be used for extended period.

People say that prevention is better than cure and there is certainly much truth into this. To help us save on time money, not only do we need to use reliable parts, for Power tool battery, on our power tools, we must also look after their batteries. Battery care is such an important part of owning a power tool because without a properly functioning battery, it is quite likely for us to experience all sorts of problems with our power tool.

Failing to properly maintain your Power tool battery,l can render your tool useless over time. If it is has been quite some time since you last used your power tool, make it a point to check its batteries. Make it a habit to take the batteries from storage so you can charge and discharge them occasionally so you can help ensure that they will function as expected when it is time to use your power tool again.

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