FPV X-class Racing: How to build an X class drone (Part lists)?

x class fpv

The FPV X-class Racing is heating up and more vendors and pilots and looking into it. They have several events planned throughout 2019 including MultiGP IO in June. In this article, we will give a definition of X-class FPV drone and list some X-class drone specs for building one.

What’s the x-class drone racing?

x class fpvAs the name implies, the FPV x-class series is more bigger than normal FPV series (150 / 200 / 220 /250 etc.), Frame sizes are limited to 800mm to 1200mm motor-to-motor diagonally at the aircraft’s widest point. there are no maximum size for motors, props and batteries. There are several pilots building for this and prepping for other races in the US. Pilots will be interested in our 6s 3300 to 6000mah , in general, 70C is good and higher C is better. Check More lipo batteries for FPV x-class drone.

All pilots must wear FPV glasses to control his drone and have an “arming” position switch or sequence on their radios. All aircraft must include a “call sign” in their primary video feed either provided by an OSD or by the FPV camera. This call sign must specifically and unambiguously identify the team or pilot from where the video and feed originates . [From http://www.xclass.racing/rules-standards]

What parts do you need when building an x-class drone in this video:

X-class drone build lists

X-class Motors ESCs Frames Batteries Propellers Flight Controllers
Entry Level Racestar 4114 400kv RTFQ Wraith32 Metal v2, 66a

XRotor Micro 40A DShot1200

RCTimer BS80a

dys Aria 70a

VikingUAS X Flight Falcon 4s-8s Turnigy 1447 Slowfly X-Racer F303 FC V2.1
Mid Level Bee rotor X Class x6/950kv

Bee rotor X Class x6/700kv

T-Motor mn4120 465kv

UndergroundFPV kamikaze 80a Tarot 1000S octo 1100mm

Dysonian California Vixen

4s-12s APC 15x10E/15x10EP
APC 14×8.5E/14×8.5EP
Airbot Omnibus F4 V3 FC
GOLD T-Motor F1000 545kv

T-Motor F1000 635kv

APD 120F3[X]

APD  200F3[X]

VikingUAS WaspV1 1000mm

Fossils Stuff Thor X Class  Frame

Dysonian California Soul

Carolina XC by pLaStIc sPiDeR


Cannonball 800


8s-14s Master Airscrew 13x12x Airbot OMNIBUS AIO F3 FC

BeeRotorF4 BetaFlight FC

BrainFPV Radix FC


Data sweep for X class frames, motors and ESCs are below:

X-class drone frames – 800MM

CAROLINA XC Xcaliber Broadsword CAROLINA Vixen CMW Tasmanian BQE XXX Class CMW Cannonball California Soul
0.56kg(F) 0.78kg(F) 1.52kg (AUW) 0.84kg (F) 1.00kg (F) 1.2kg (F) 2.23kg (AUW)


X-class drone motors

Motor KV Prop size Thrust (g) Wight (g) Thrust/weight Max current Max battery
Brotherhobby t10 5215 330 22*5.5 7624 339 22.5 65A 12S
Mad XC5000 polar 5015 345 12*8*3 7100 260 27.3 73 14S
Xnova Lighting XXX 350 15*4 8210 320 25.7 53A 12S
Racerstar BR 4114 400 17*4 2920 142 20.5 25.5A 8S
Tiger Motor MN 4120 465 9.5*4.5 / 253 / 50A 8S
MAD XC500 Crimson 5015 505 12*8*3 6680 260 25.7 75A 10S
Tiger motor f1000 xxxx 635 15*5 5101 265 19.2 80A 6s
Ifight tachyonx 4214 660 16*6 7900 208.8 37.8 98A 6s
Brotherhobby T7 4215 800 15*4 6010 215 26.6 80A 8s


X-class drone ESC’s 32 Bit

ESC Xrotor Micro 40A DYS Aria 70A Kamikaze Extreme RTFQ Wraith 32 BeeRotor BS80A APD 100f3 APD 120F3 APD 200F3
Max Current 60A 80A 80A 80A 100A 150A 180A 200A
Max Battery 6S 6S 8s 10S 8S 8S 12S 14S
Weight 11.5g 9.5g 5.8g 4.8g 20g 20g 20g 36g


X-class drone specs

Below is a buidling suggestion from pilot Tony Bazza

APD F3[x]-120 and F3[x]-100 firmware update scheduled for end of Jan. Changes are:

– Adding PWM – Getting a lot of demand for it.
– Adding Multishot – For the Flightone fans.
– Increasing auto PWM Switching freq to 48-64Khz with dithering (to reduce stress on the caps). The F3 can do 64Khz (with full 11bit Dshot and Proshot resolution) due a PLL multiplier on the timer clocks.
– Bus ripple protection. The ESC will limit power and give fault code (after landing) if it detects too much voltage ripple on the input, ie, more capacitance needed, or capacitor has failed/degraded.
– 3d mode (still deciding). – But will enabled via Dshot commands in CLI.
– Increased smoothness for 8Khz-32Khz looptimes and ICM gyros. How? With fast update rates, and low-KV motors, the ESC receives multiple signals per commutation. Infact, with fast loop-times, the ESC receives over 200 throttle signals in a single rotation. (It will now disregard outliers, usually caused by noise, via a moving majority filter).
– Slower ramp-up from 0-5% throttle, and smoother braking from 5%-0% throttle. So your props dont loosen up. Big props are heavy.

Changes to fault Codes:
– Adding a separate fault-code for desync conditions. Should rarely happen unless your caps die, or you have sporadic signal behaviour.
– Another fault code for loss of signal.


At last, interested to know what I’ve missed for build an FPV X-class drone? If you have anything else. Feel free to suggest. please leave your messages on here, Thank you.


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