What is graphene and the pros and cons of graphene batteries

Graphene is a honeycomb flat film formed by sp2 hybridization of carbon atoms. It is a quasi-two-dimensional material with only one atomic layer thickness, so it is also called monoatomic layer graphite. Its thickness is about 0.335nm, and there are different undulations depending on the preparation method. Usually the height in the vertical direction is about 1nm, and the width in the horizontal direction is about 10nm to 25nm. It is all carbon crystals except diamond (zero-dimensional fullerene). , One-dimensional carbon nanotubes, three-dimensional volumetric graphite) basic structural unit.

 The advantages and disadvantages of graphene batteries:


1) The power storage capacity is three times that of the best products on the market. The specific energy value of a lipo battery (whichever is the most advanced) is 180wh/kg, while the specific energy of a graphene battery exceeds 600wh/kg.

2) An electric car powered by this battery can travel up to 1,000 kilometers, and its charging time is less than 8 minutes.

3) Long service life. Its service life is four times that of traditional hydrogenated batteries and twice that of lithium batteries.

4) Light weight. The characteristics of graphene make the weight of the battery can be reduced to half of the traditional battery, which can improve the efficiency of the machine loaded with the battery.

5) Low cost. The company that produces this battery says its cost will be 77% lower than that of lithium batteries. ”

” High stability, long battery life, fast charging speed;


Traditional conductive carbon/graphite is very cheap. They are sold per ton, while graphene is too expensive. The price of a gram of thousands of dollars, this is not the ordinary enterprises can afford. A few years ago, the price of graphene far exceeded the price of gold, and it was also unbearable for ordinary consumers.


Graphene batteries are expensive, and the production process is not mature enough to be mass-produced. These are the shortcomings of graphene batteries, but graphene batteries are durable and fast in charging. This is the advantage of graphene batteries.

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