What is high voltage lipo (LiHV 4.35V) and its advantage?

The high-voltage battery means higher in voltage compared to ordinary batteries.

So what is the high voltage lipo batteries?

The current lithium polymer batteries can be divided into high voltage batteries (4.35V / 4.4V) and ordinary voltage batteries (4.2V). The nominal voltage of a normal voltage battery is 3.6 / 3.7V, and the upper limit of the charging voltage is generally 4.2V. The nominal voltages of high-voltage lithium batteries are 3.8V and 3.85V, and the corresponding cut-off voltages are 4.35V and 4.4V, respectively.

Many times we use a certain battery capacity, but many of us hope that the higher the battery capacity, the better. Generally, the higher the capacity, the higher the battery quality. Is there any way to solve this problem? That is to increase the battery voltage.

According to statistics from the laboratory, when the voltage is increased, under the same discharge time and the same capacity, the time when the battery of normal voltage runs out is lower than the time when the battery of high voltage runs out. This fully demonstrates that high-voltage batteries can extend battery life.

High-voltage batteries are generally used in the drone market. Whether it is a plant protection drone or an aerial survey drone, they still hope to further increase the battery life. The energy of high-voltage lithium batteries is higher than that of ordinary batteries. Under the same operating environment, its battery life will increase.

Advantage of HV lithium polymer battery

As a 3.8v battery, it has not only all advantages of 3.7v lithium polymer battery, but also new better advantages on energy density, operating voltage. For some applications, space is quite limited to save space for more functions and circuits to embedded, it requires the capacity to be as high as possible with a small dimension. In this case, 3.8v LiPo battery solution is always the first option to be considered.

*Higher energy density and capacity,20%~30% higher than 3.7v LiPo.

*Smaller size, saves spaces for product design

*Lighter weight

*Long cycle life 500 times

*Low self discharge rate less than 3% per month.


Application of LiHV Battery Packs

LiHV battery can virtually be used in any RC application. There are a few notes to consider about its applications, however. The batteries do only increase the amount of voltage by a small amount. The amount actually only ends up being about 3.5% when looking at the peak voltage. However, this is not the only amount of performance that you will end up seeing with these battery packs. The other side of the coin is the current. When you are requesting the motor to spin faster RPM’s due to the increase of voltage, the result will be an increase of current. Overall you may expect a performance increase of around 8-10 percent on average.

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