5 Essential Bit of Kit Every Rc Car User Need to Have

The first thing that needs to be explained is that the car model kits bought in the model store are usually divided into RTR (ready to run) and Kit versions, and the RTR version includes the entry-level remote control.

RC is a sport that requires an investment of time and money. A complete RC includes the frame, remote control system, power system, steering system, and then some peripheral tools, oil and other accessories.

Here are some essential tools for RC car players

#1 RC Battery Safe Bag

After the lithium battery is accidentally burned, this battery safe bag can play a role of wrapping and shielding, preventing personal injury in a short time. If it is an RC battery, like the capacity of a model car, an battery safe bag is very useful.

Features of RC Battery Safe Bag:

Radiation protection: shield radiation to avoid the harm caused by radiation sources.

Explosion-proof: Unique toughening treatment, convenient and comfortable to carry, good for travel storage.

High temperature resistance: Unique manufacturing process, with high-quality lightweight fabrics, more casual.

#2 Lipo Battery Checker

Voltage Checker Use for LiPo LiFe Li-ion NiMH Nicd battery Applies to check the batteries, simple and convenient to read your cell voltage.

Useful Lipo Battery Tester:High quality, safe and durable. Lightweight and compact with excellent performance. RC Battery Checker makes battery voltage more balanced.

Lipo Battery Checker can test battery ( LIPO, LIFE, LI-ION) cell voltages, total voltages, min cell voltage, max cell voltage, voltage gap between max cell voltage and min cell voltage, remaining battery capacity(%).

This tool is very important for rc model players, especially for maintaining battery safety.

#3 RC Car Tool Kit

This is the most complete RC tool and accessories! If you’re a fan of RC, you’ll love these great value and professional tools. The heavy duty tool case includes different kinds of RC tools you need. You can use this set of tools to solve any problems encountered in upgrading or repairing, it must be efficient! Also, the perfect storage tool bag is lightweight, easy to carry out and convenient to head to the track. Furthermore, this RC tool kit is made of high-quality steel, ensure long-time use.

RC toolset includes virtually every tool required to maintain your drone quads, rc cars, helicopter, airplanes, quadcopter, r c boat, robots, 3D-printer, etc

It has a 360-degree rotation, adjustable height and built-in holes for rebuilding shocks. The included magnetic tray keeps all your parts in place and within reach. Additionally, you can measure your RC car height and wheel rim camber with the 3 in 1 camber gauge.

#4 Moisture Absorber Bag

Since a humid environment is a good conductor of electricity, the life of a battery in a humid environment can be drastically shortened.
Therefore, try not to use the battery in a humid environment. If you have to use it, try to put it in a dry place after use.Lithium batteries should be stored in a dry environment between 4°C and 35°C or in moisture-proof packaging.

The Moisture Absorber Bag is divided into upper and lower layers, and the hydrate generated by the calcium chloride particles in the upper layer absorbs water vapor in the air and penetrates into the lower water collection bag. When you see the white particles on the upper layer disappear, remember to replace the dehumidification bag in time.

The Moisture Absorber Bag is not only useful for batteries and models, but also can be placed in every corner of the home, such as the bathroom, living room, etc., to absorb moisture and remove moisture, which is very convenient.

#5 Rc Battery Charger

A charger is an essential piece of equipment for every RC model, and Tommy has written about mid-range and high-end chargers before. This time bring an entry-level charger

Although the price is cheap and the positioning is entry-level, the performance is not weak. It can completely replace a charger with low power such as XXX6.

OVONIC Mate I 100W 10A Smart lipo battery balance charger, capable of 10 amp charge rates, worldwide 100V-240V voltage versatility, with 100 Watts of power. It is great to charge your FPV & Car Batteries. OVONIC Mate I 100W 10A passed the FCC, CE, and RoHS certifications, making your RC charging more safety. The lightweight design allows you to quickly charge the battery anywhere, anytime.

Touch control system, which is very easy to operate compared to the traditional button operating system and can make the appearance relatively beautiful. Besides, it’s lightweight and compact, easy to carry.

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