XT60H vs XT60 vs XT60I Connector

XT60H vs XT60 vs XT60I Connector

The XT60H and XT60I are variants of the XT60, also known as the XT60+. They do not differ much in shape but differ in detail. If you are interested in these, I will explain them in detail below. What are you waiting for? Let’s learn about them together.

XT60H vs XT60 Connector

XT60H and xt60 plug

Specifications of XT60H:

Bullet diameter size: 3.5mm | Amperage: 60A+ (constant) 100A burst | IR: 0.8mΩ | Service life: 1000 times | Common cable: 12AWG | Color: yellow

What is XT60H?

As you can see from the specs above, the two have basically the same functionality. The only difference is that the XT60H has one more integrated grip area than the XT60. Its advantage is that it is more convenient to plug and unplug. This is adopted by many battery manufacturers, such as Spectrum Battery, Gensace, etc. In the future, this battery plug with a grip will likely obsolete the original XT60.

Also, the XT60H is compatible with the XT60, you can use them directly without an adapter.

XT60I vs XT60 Connector

xt60 and xt60i plug

What is XT60I?

XT60I is the latest generation of smart battery technology from BattGo. Compared with the XT60, there is not only one more handle in terms of structure but also one more metal pin for transmitting battery information. 3 Through this pin and a thin wire, the charger can read some important information about the battery.

Specifications of XT60I:

Color: orange | Rated current: 30A+ | Burst current: 100A | Manufacturer: AMASS | Connector Type: DC Power | Operating temperature: -20 to 120°C | Rated voltage: 500V | Service life: 1000 cycles | Wire Size: 12AWG

This technology is similar to the IC5 smart plug of Spectrum Battery, which is more convenient and safer to charge. But it should be noted that it needs to work with a BattGo charger to get the BattGO function. As we all know, when the common batteries on the market are charging, you can only check the voltage, capacity, resistance, etc. In addition to this basic battery information, batteries with the XT60I can view some important information. Including the temperature of the battery, the number of times it has been cycled, and more. As shown below:

State of charge with XT60I battery

Smart Features for Batteries with XT60I

During the charging process, you can see the temperature of the battery in real-time. Based on this information, you can know whether the battery is abnormal, so as not to swell or catch fire. What you may not know is that it is not uncommon for lipo batteries to catch fire while charging. Safer charging reduces the risk of your house burning down.
In addition, you can also view the number of times the battery has been cycled, so that you can know the health status of the battery and whether it has aged.

In addition to viewing more information, it has handy features:

  1. Automatic charging. When the battery is connected to the charger, it starts charging automatically without requiring you to manually set preferences.
  2. Automatic discharge to storage voltage. When the battery is charged for too long, it will trigger this function, in order to prevent overcharging.


Honestly, compared to the original XT60, the XT60H and XT60I are easier to connect and better to use. Especially the XT60I comes with more features. However, it should be noted that the XT60I must use the corresponding charger to use the smart function. This means you have to spend an extra budget here.

In my opinion, the XT60I is more suitable for beginners with lipo batteries, making it easy to use and charge. So it’s worth spending a little more. However, for those RC enthusiasts who are familiar with lipo batteries, these are not difficult.

There are many brands of high-quality lipo batteries on the market, as long as they are not overcharged and over-discharged, you should have no problems. If you are looking for lipo batteries, I recommend Ovonic lipo batteries, they are reasonably priced and one of the best battery brands out there.

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