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best FPV racing and freestyle Pilot 2022

FPV drone development Over the years, several great pilots have emerged so far that has made a huge impact on the FPV hobby. Today we meet some of the best FPV freestyle and race pilots in the world.

Best FPV Freestyle Pilots

In fact, there are quite a few outstanding pilots who are not very popular in the media community, and it is difficult for us to get to know them. So, we have just listed below a few of the more famous FPV freestyle pilots who have created great video work and gained a reputation in the media community.

Johnny Schaer

Once a drone racing league pilot, now a master-level FPV freestyle pilot. He has shot many great Hollywood films and promotional films and has collaborated with many famous brands. What impressed me the most was the Porsche promotional video, one of the best FPV works I’ve seen so far. Goosebumps, great flight, almost surreal.

The video has reached 570,000 views! Of course, the top job comes not only from Johnny, who has extremely high flying skills but also from the excellent cooperation of the entire team. The amount of work behind this video is immeasurable.

Let’s enjoy the 2021 Porsche promo from Johnny_FPV:

Mr. Steele

Mr. Steele is a very talented FPV pilot and is considered one of the best freestyle pilots in the world. His precise close freestyle flight is astounding, and he can even thread a needle in a quad. You can see his very unique flying style on his Youtube channel, aggressive Flippy flops, flip-flop flying style, and excellent flying skills. Also, in his videos, you can learn a lot, such as connection method and component selection.
Having excellent driving skills is inseparable from his own efforts, and it is undeniable that Steele is a very hard worker.

  • Youtube: 462,000 subscribers
  • Instagram: 122k followers

Here’s a video from Mr. Steele’s FPV freestyle where you can see incredible flying skills.


Youtube: 16,800 subscribers
Instagram: 34k followers

He is the best French freestyle pilot. What impresses me is his amazing drone control, so precise, clean and engaged, so smooth. In his flight video footage, you can see epic flying skills combined with artistic editing, absolutely mind-blowing!

He is proficient in a variety of skills and has a brave style of flying, especially diving, that I will never be able to do in my life. It is not an exaggeration to call him a master.

Representative works of J-TRUE:

Best FPV Racing Pilots

Korea’s Min Chan Kim (MCK) is known as the fastest FPV racing pilot in the world. He has won numerous championship titles, including the Drone Champions League Championship, the World Drone Racing Championship, and many more, and he is only 18 years old this year! He has incredible reflexes, constantly pushing the boundaries of speed. Your eyes can’t even keep up with his flight and wonder if he’s a cyborg or an alien, crazy.

FPV racing is about the pilot’s reaction speed, which depends on the amount of practice and age. With the continuous development of technology, the upper limit and viewing experience of FPV racing will continue to be improved, we will wait and see.

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