What are Cinewhoop drone and Tiny whoop drone?

cinewhoop drone

Cinewhoop drone

The cinewhoop drone is a 3-inch FPV drone equipped with four ducts. Because the ducts protect the propellers well, the cinewhoop drone can record safely in narrow places, such as indoors or in the jungle, and can be equipped with sports cameras such as GoPro or DJI Osmo Action. It does not have auxiliary functions such as DJI’s obstacle avoidance and intelligent flight. All flights rely on manual operation and require the operator to have a certain flying foundation. Compared with the traditional 5-inch FPV drone, the cinewhoop drone has stronger stability. On the contrary, it is not as sensitive as a 5-inch drone.cinewhoop drone


  1. Fly safely in any place, with ducts to prevent people from hitting.
  2. Some stable and slow shooting shots can be achieved.
  3. Long flight time.


  1. The noise is very loud.
  2. Poor flight performance, unable to complete complex maneuvers.

Power system matching reference table:

Cinewhoop Frame Motor Lipo battery
ProTek25 108mm 2.5“ 1404 5500KV 4S 650mAh、4S 850mAh
Sector25CR 132mm 2.5″ 1404 3600KV 4S 450mah、4S 650mAh
Racewhoop25 125mm 2.5″ AEOLUS 2004 3600KV 4S:550mah-1000mAh、6S:550mah-1000mAh
Veyron25CR 120mm 2.5″ AEOLUS 1404 3600KV 4S:550mah-850mAh
Invisi360  2004 1750KV 650mAh 4S、850mAh 4S
Green Hornet V3 145mm 3″ 2205 4S 3200KV / 6S 2205 2300KV 4S 1300mAh、4S 1550mAh、6S 1050mAh
Pavo30 118mm 3″  1506 3000KV 750mAh 4S、850mAh 4S
Sector30CR 150mm 3″ 2004 3000KV/ 2004 1800KV 4S:550mah-1000mAh、6S:550mah-1000mAh
Veyron30CR 140mm 3″ 2004 3000KV 4S:750mah1300mAh、6S:650mah-850mah

Tiny whoop drone

It is similar in structure to a cinewhoop, equivalent to a small cinewhoop, generally equipped with a brush motor or a brushless motor.

For 5-inch FPV drone players, finding a venue, preparing flight equipment, and repairing equipment often consumes time and energy. In recent years, the emergence of this short-wheelbase (60-100mm) indoor tiny whoop can greatly enhance the flexibility of flight practice. The remote control mechanism of the indoor unit is exactly the same as that of the 5-inch drone, which is the best choice for beginners to get started.

The typical size of tiny whoop includes 65mm and 75mm, usually by the frame, flight control, camera, battery, 4 brushless motors, and blades. If you already have a remote control, you also need to have FPV glasses.

Taking entry-level 1S lipo battery as an example, the recommended configuration for installation is as follows:

Wheelbase Propeller size Motor Motor size FC Camera
(mm) (mm) (kV) (mm) (mm)
65mm 31mm 17000kV~22000kV 06XX/08XX 25mm 14mm
75mm 40mm 15000kV~19000kV 08XX 25mm 14mm

Related information

1. Propeller size

Common paddles are divided into two leaves, three leaves, and four leaves. The more blades, the more stable the flight and the greater the lift, but the flight time is shorter at the same speed. You need to pay attention to the selection, the size of the propeller must match the diameter of the motor shaft. Beginners are suitable for choosing trefoil. The shape of the blade is also related to the flight experience.

2. KV value of the motor

The KV value is used to calculate the speed of the motor per minute under a certain voltage. Taking a 1S battery rated voltage of 3.7V as an example, the calculation method of the motor speed of 19000kV is as follows: Motor speed = 3.7V x 19000kV = 70300 revolutions per minute.

The greater the KV of the motor, the stronger the power, but the high voltage of the motor with high kV values is likely to overheat or even burn. For beginners, it is suitable to choose a 19000kV motor.

3. Camera

The aperture of the camera is usually 14mm, and the lens diameter is 1.8mm~2.2mm. The smaller the lens, the larger the viewing angle, but the more serious the image distortion. The viewing angle is generally between 150 degrees and 170 degrees. It is recommended that novices choose a wider range of wide-angle lenses.

The above is the cinewhoop drone and tiny whoop drone-related knowledge provided by Ovonic battery.

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