Everything you should know about RC radio control car

RC truck 50C 5500

Similar to the electronic industry, radio control has gained rapid growth in recent years with the development of science and technology. More and more people recognize this hobby and gonna enter into. But some of you may be still newcomers in RC territory, so I’d begin with fundamental things. Generally, RC vehicles can be divided into 3 types that are the land-based vehicle, sea-based machine, and air-based device.

Most of the sea-based machines are mainly made of plastic and gain rapid speed. Those are sailboats, racing boats, airboats, scale boats, bb-shooting warships, and even submersible submarines. In addition, the air-based device is one of the most popular types in RC hobby (Yeah, just because it can fly and you’d enjoy being as a professional pilot). There are two essential kinds – unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) and RC planes. It’s no doubt that this is more expensive and would spend more than one or two thousand dollars per aircraft.

Here the land-based vehicle is mainly introduced in that it’s an ideal way to get in touch with RC hobby and easy to operate for novices. There are different types of RC cars involving stadium trucks, short course trucks, monster trucks, buggies, and RC crawlers, etc.

Where are you going to run your remote control?

Emmm, this is an important thing you need to know because different kinds of RC cars are suitable for diverse terrains. If you can’t figure out, it’d cause some damage to your remote-controlled cars and the lifetime of your vehicle might be shortened. Actually, we divide RC cars into two different types based on distinct terrains that are the on-road vehicle and off-road car.

On-road car

Just as its name implies, the on-road car is suited to run in the concrete, asphalt or carpet (Yeah, that is the pavement we usually walk). This kind of surface is perfectly easy to perform your remote vehicles. Hahh, just like this awesome video:

From the video, we can see that you can run your RC truck so smoothly and greatly test its speed in the road. Here, your RC car is the definite protagonist of The Speed and Passion!

Off-road vehicle

On the contrary to the on-road car, the off-road vehicle is driven on the uneven surfaces including grass, dirt, rocks, sand dunes, and other similar terrains. From the difficulties, dirt or gravel is the easiest way to drive your off-road vehicle among this kind of terrains. Of course, some may find that driving on gravel is more fun than others (Yeah, I’m one of you guys.) It’s perfectly suitable for stand backflips and amazing drift with a trail of dust (it’s really cool and fun!).

Besides, the grass is probably one of the most difficult surfaces to run RC cars since it would give rise to more friction and prevent your car from moving quickly. Of course,  the sand dunes are also not easy to deal with. If you have similar experiences to run your full-scale car on the sand dunes, you may get its difficulty.  This is the same as off-road vehicles. Therefore, power is crucial to perform well. It requires high performance, high discharge, great punch, and long runtime, so lipo battery 5000mah would be strongly recommended.

How to run your RC vehicles? Bashing or Racing

For remote controlled cars, there are two ways to run – bashing or racing. Some newcomers may ask which one would be better? It totally depends on what you want and are interested in and some hobbyists would like both of them. But it’s necessary to notice that different ways require different remote-controlled cars. Generally, racing demands higher performance of the vehicle.


As a matter of fact, newcomers begin with the bashing. That is to run your RC car freely no matter where you drive. You can move your car in the backyard alone or with your like-minded friend and the other places around you. You may be not so experienced at the very beginning and awkward to operate, but it doesn’t matter, just practice continually and no one makes fun of you.


Some enthusiasts may prefer RC racing and think bashing is not as fun and challenging as racing. (Actually, when you are adept at operating, you may desire to try and compete with others and make sure your level of performing.) Hahh, perhaps the human being is competitive by nature. It’s really cool and passionate to watch 10-15 cars running simultaneously and hear the screaming motors.

Compare with bashing, racing is not so easygoing and it’d be serious and tensed sometimes. But at the track, you can meet more RC pros and know more great skills, as well as you can learn from them. It’s beneficial to improve your performance. Racing demands rapid speed, so power needs to be the lightweight lipo batteries that own great power and high quality.

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