How to choose fpv battery?

fpv lipo battery

Today, Ovonic will share with you how to choose the FPV battery and its basic parameters. I hope it can help some novices who are just getting started with the FPV drone.

The C-rate of the battery

It refers to the multiple that the battery can discharge. The larger the C number, the larger the discharge current. How to choose the C-rate of the battery? we can look at the motor parameter table(Product Manual), for example:

The maximum current of a motor is 45A,

The four motors are 45×4=180A,

The maximum current of the battery = capacity × C-rate ÷ 1000,

In other words, the maximum current of the battery is at least 180A to be able to support the normal operation of the four motors of the rider.

The higher the C-rate, the stronger the battery power. For novices, 75C is sufficient. Although the 45C battery can also be used, it can’t keep up with the high throttle.fpv lipo battery

Battery capacity

Generally, a 5-inch FPV drone can fly for 5-8 minutes with a battery of 1500-1800mah. Although the large-capacity battery can also fly, the capacity is too large and the battery is heavier, so in this case, the aircraft has to overcome its gravity to work, and the flight time is shorter than 1800mah. At present, the mainstream FPV lipo battery for the 5-inch drone is a 1300mah 100c 6s battery, so the weight and power are more balanced.

The S number of the battery

It refers to the number of lithium battery cells in series. The larger the S number, the higher the battery voltage, and relatively speaking, the more powerful the battery output energy. For example, 6s will have more power than 4s. If you want the drone to fly faster, you can choose a 6S battery, otherwise, choose 3s or 4s to meet the basic needs.

Battery voltage

The voltage of a single-cell lithium battery is 3.7V-4.2V. 3.7V is the nominal voltage, 4.2V full power voltage.

Formula: Total battery voltage = number of cells × voltage of a single cell.

Please check the motor parameter table. If the motor voltage is within the range of 14-16V, then this motor is equipped with a 4S battery.

Number of cells Nominal voltage Full voltage
1S 3.7V 4.2V
2S 7.4V 8.4V
3S 11.1V 12.6V
4S 14.8V 16.8V
5S 18.5V 21V
6S 22.2V 25.2V

Matching plan of frame size and battery (for reference only):

Frame size battery
1″ 1S 300mAh、1S 450mAh
2″ 300mah-650mah
2.5″ 4S 650mAh、4S 850mAh
3″ 4S:450mah-650mAh、6S:300mah-450mAh
4″ 3S 650mah、4S 850mah
5″ 4S:750mah-1500mah、6S:1000mah-1300mah

Battery common plug:

Plug model Number of batteries in series
XT30 3S-4S
XT60 3S-6S
XT90 4S-6S
EC3 2S-4S
T 2S-4S

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