Ovonic Lipo battery for BattleBots

BattleBots are exactly what they sound like: gladiator machines designed for brutal arena death matches. This is a competition that originated from TV show, but now the culture around them extends beyond the TV show. It’s a full-on industry, complete with a fairly lucrative competition circuit.

If you want to build your own battlebot to participate in the competition, you need tools such as utilities that can cut and drill through metal, electric saws, a drill press with a range of drill bits, a soldering iron, a welder, and a sheet- Metal brake so you can easily bend and fold metal into the shape you need for the frame.

Of course, the choice of components to assemble is also important.

1.Frame and armor

Frame and armor is usually made of aluminum, which is not the strongest metal in the world, but its strength is incredible considering its lightness. Of course, it is also because the durable and lightweight titanium are more expensive and more difficult to work with. Therefore, aluminum is generally a better choice.   


Lipo battery has become the most commonly used battery in BattleBot world due to its high discharge rate, high energy polymerization and light weight. When choosing a battery, you should choose according to the size of the BattleBot. After all, the weight of the device should also be considered during the game. Ovonic is a professional manufacturer of lipo batteries, with a professional team to design and produce. Ovonic supplies wide voltage range from 7.2v to 22.2v and capacity range from 450mah to 13000mah, you can pick lipo battery for battlebots according their size and your need.

3.BattleBot weapon

Weapon is very important in your competition, you can choose according to your own hobbies. Whatever your weapon of choice, just make sure your motor can handle it.


Power determines the important attributes of BattleBot speed, strength, endurance and resilience. When choosing, the weight should be as light as possible. It is best to add extra armor or buffer motor around to protect it from heavy blows. Brushless motors are a new technology in the field. Due to their light weight and excellent performance, they seem to be the favorite of BattleBot fans, but they are more expensive than the old-fashioned brush motors.

The driving system is very important. In fact, the reason is very simple. Your weapon attack ability is strong, but you run very slowly, the driving is not flexible or the control is not flexible, and the robot is very unstable and easy to turn. If you overshoot and rush over the head, you will miss the best attack time. On the contrary, if your robot’s driving system is stable, you can almost control the movement of the robot and control it.

5.Controller and receiver

These two parts are needed in all RC areas, and BattleBot is no exception. They are an important tool for controlling the action of BattleBot, so try to debug them before the game.


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