Ovonic Battery Review: Lighter than others lipo

Ovonic Battery Review

Freestyle Pilot’s Review of Ovonic lipo battery 1300mAh 80C 4S .

Limited time only! Save $3 on all Ovonic lipos, which will drop this battery’s price to lower than all comparable batteries of this spec.

Ovonic Battery 1300mAh 4s
Ovonic Battery 1300mAh 4s

Brand: Ovonic
Cells: 4S (14.8V)
Capacity: 1300 mAh
C Rating: 80C
Weight: 147g
Connectors: XT60 & JST-XHR (Standard Balance Connector)
Battery Dimensions: 72mm x 34mm x 26mm (L x W x H)
XT60 Pigtail Length: 80mm
Balance Connector Pigtail Length: 53mm

Pick one up here: https://www.ampow.com/ovonic-80c-1300mah-4s1p-xt60-lipo-battery.html

You also can read more about Ovonic Battery Review at our previously post: https://blog.ampow.com/ovonic-lipo-battery-reveiws/



Overall this battery is a solid competitor to some of the popular batteries like Tattu. It is at least $6 cheaper than Tattu, while still weighing the same and performing very well. I believe that Ovonic outdid themselves with these batteries and at $12.99 (Limited time $5 sale), it may well be worth it to try them out.

ovonic battery review - weight
ovonic battery review – weight

Ovonic’s 4S lipos weigh around 10g to 20g less than budget batteries like RDQ (164g) and CNHL (175g). Some people say that weight does not matter for 5’’ freestyle quads, but I found that the lighter you go, the longer your flight times are and the less sag on your batteries because it takes less energy to throw your quad into some awesome freestyle tricks. That’s the reason I’m switching to Ti screws to save weight on my quads. In addition, for racing a lighter quad means that it’s more maneuverable and has a higher top end speed, allowing you to speed to victory.

Ovonic Battery Review - size
Ovonic Battery Review – size
ovonic battery review - plug
ovonic battery review – plug
Ovonic battery review Balancer Connector
Ovonic battery review Balancer Connector

The battery came storage charged at 3.84 V/cell, which is really good because some batteries I’ve received from other vendors came charged either fully (which is bad for storage and lifetime) or were DOA. Ovonic’s lipo came with a perfect storage charge, which proves that they are a good vendor.

I’ll post videos Ovonic battery reviews below.

Unboxing Video:

Slow Freestyle Test Video:

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