The advantages of FPV drone VTX?

FPV VTX (video transmitter) refers to a monitoring system that uses radio waves to transmit video, sound, data and other signals without wiring (cable). The emergence of FPV drone VTX equipment has obvious advantages in video and audio transmission in inconvenient wiring occasions

What are the advantages of FPV drone VTX?

Here, the advantage of FPV drone VTX refers to the comparison with wired transmission. The wireless transmitter solves the high cost and construction difficulties in wired transmission. In summary, there are four points:

1. Low cost:

The establishment of wired communication methods requires cables or digging cable trenches, so a lot of manpower and material resources are required; while wireless data transmission methods do not need to erect cables or dig cable trenches, only need to connect wireless data at each terminal Transmit the radio station and set up an antenna of appropriate height, such as a wireless pinhole camera. In contrast, the wireless data transmission method saves manpower and material resources and saves investment.


2. Good adaptability:

The limitations of wired communication are too great. When encountering some special application environments, such as special geographical environments such as mountains, lakes, forest areas, or mobile objects and other application environments where wiring is difficult , Will have a strong restriction on the wiring project of the wired network, and the wireless data transmission method of the wireless pinhole camera will not be subject to these restrictions, so the wireless data transmission method has better and wider adaptability than the wired communication , Almost not restricted by geographical environment.

3. Good scalability:

After users build a communication network, new equipment is often added due to the needs of the system. If you use a wired method, you need to re-wiring, the construction is more troublesome, and it may damage the original communication line, but if you use wireless data transmission, you only need to connect the new equipment to the wireless data transmission station to realize the system The expansion of, compared with better scalability.

4. Equipment maintenance is easier:

the maintenance of the wired communication link needs to be checked along the line. When a fault occurs, it is generally difficult to find the fault point in time, while the wireless data transmission method only needs to maintain the data transmission module, and it can Quickly find out the cause and restore the normal operation of the line.


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