Arrma Typhon 3s vs 6s: Which is better?

Arrma Typhon 3s vs 6s

Arrma has released two 1/8 RC Buggy, Typhon 3s and 6s, similar in appearance. But in reality, there are big differences, including parts, weight, speed, and more, which all affect how the run performs. Let us compare them in-depth below to help you make an informed decision.

Specifications comparison

Specs Typhon 3s Typhon 6s
Weight 2.58kg 3.42kg
Length 511mm 510mm
Width 306mm 310mm
Height 195mm 190mm
Max speed possible 50+mph 70+mph
Number of Differentials 2 3
Battery recommendations 2s or 3s 4s or 6s

Weight and dimensions

The dimensions (mm) of the 3s are 511×306×195 (L×W×H), while the 6s are 510×310×190. The two cars are nearly identical in size and appearance, and they look cool. And some components are different, such as the power unit, adjustable alloy shock absorbers, and so on.

Arrma Typhon 3s is 0.84kg (1.85lbs) lighter than the 6s because it’s almost all plastic. The 6s has some parts that are thick metal, including the chassis, shock towers, etc. Weight is important to any RC car and affects running performance. After actual running tests, the 3s handles better when cornering, and less power is wasted.
With the battery attached, the 6s weigh over 7 pounds. Very heavy for an off-road vehicle. Instead, the thickness of the components means it’s durable, and it can stand up to abuse. Plus, when running, this weight keeps it stable and more powerful. But the weight determines that the 6s is not for the trick.


Lighter and more agile, the 3s Typhon is one of the best fast off-road. In jumping, the performance is better and can’t be beaten by the 6s. The 3s are light and quick to pick up. While the 6s are better in straight-line acceleration, and running in small fields, the difference in their speed is not much. After testing, 3s running on the grass can run to 50-60 mph with a 100C 3s  6000mah lipo battery.
In terms of speed, the 6s is more powerful. If you want to increase its speed cap, you can adjust the turning gear as well as go straight to the 6s battery(2 × 5500mAh 3S 50C), and it can reach a claimed speed cap of 70 mph.

Repairs and Upgrades

Arrma Typhon 3s has cheaper parts, so repairs or upgrades are more cost-effective than the 6s. If you want to extend their life and improve performance, it is recommended to:

Typhon 3s:

  • Since its chassis is plastic, as long as you have good control of the landing, it will not be damaged and will last a long time.
  • Stop grit from entering the spur gear and avoid damage. You can use metal spur gears or use tape and Velcro to fix this.

Typhon 6s:

  • Shock rod ends: The Typhon 6s’ shocks are plastic and break easily. You can upgrade the shock rod ends to be stronger and more durable like RPM Traxxas Short Rod Ends.
  • Tires: If getting this car ready for a race, to increase traction, it is recommended that you upgrade the tires. Like the Proline Blockade S3, it is very effective on most tracks.
  • Shock Oil: Hard shocks make jumping a little harder and less controllable, which means the oil is too thin and too soft. You try TLR Silicone Shock Oil and put 45Wt on the front and 40Wt on the back.

Which is better?

Arrma Typhon 3s is an all-around bashing off-road vehicle, and its agility allows you to enjoy more fun. So if you like running in the yard, mud, and grass, then it’s for you. Compared to the 6s, it costs less, which is really great for RC newbies.

Typhon 6s is a high-end racing off-roader, and with upgraded accessories, you’ll be amazed by the difference in performance. Plus, the metal parts save a lot of abuse. If you have the budget, then it is worth your consideration.

They are all great, choose one of them according to your driving style.

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