Kraton 8s vs Xmaxx: Comparison

Kraton 8s vs Xmaxx

Are you still wondering which is better X-Maxx or Kraton 8s? Then you’ve come to the right place. The following sections will compare their characteristics in detail, let’s delve into them together!

Specifications comparison

Specs X-Maxx Kraton
Scale 1/5 1/5
Car type Monster Truck Monster Truck
Speed 50+ mph 55+ mph
Size 758×540×350mm 760×602×266mm
Weight 8.66kg 11kg
Motor 1275kv 1250Kv
ESC VXL-8s 200A Firma™ Smart 160A
Drive 4wd 4wd

Appearance: Compared to the Kraton, the X-Maxx is slightly larger in size, but lighter. They are about the same size, and visually, they are similar.

Traxxas X-Maxx review


  • All around basher
  • Low running sound
  • Low cost

Speed: The wild X-Maxx is like an all-around attacker, which means more fun. It will be a winner when it comes to stunts like jumping, flipping, etc. Impressed by its incredible speed, it runs, drifts and jumps on land like afloat. Traxxas claims it can reach speeds of 50+ mph, and if the TSM is turned down, it could fly to the moon.

Noise: Compared to the Kraton, the X-Maxx runs quieter. It’s up to your personal choice, some people like loud motor noises that sound like monster roars.

In addition, Traxxas parts cost less, and when you replace or upgrade parts, you will save even more. This is one of the reasons why so many people choose Traxxas over Arrma.

Arrma Kraton review


  • High speed
  • Better handling

Speed: The Kraton is more stable thanks to the low center of gravity chassis. Cornering is quicker and the chances of a rollover are greatly reduced, which is better than the X-Maxx. Kraton is put on the road and it can’t be beaten by the X-Maxx. Its speed is claimed to be 55+ mph, but according to testing, it can reach 75 mph.

Durability: The Kraton 8s has a metal base that is stiffer and more durable. You don’t have to worry about the chassis being crashed when the car is jumping.

Which is better?

They each have their pros and cons. Choosing which one comes down to your driving preferences. X-Maxx is suitable for any terrain, if you like to run on sandy ground and grass, then it will give you more fun. Kraton is known as a pure race car, with great handling, and if you like to drive fast, don’t miss it.

Replacement battery for Arrma Kraton 8s

Battery recommendation

For X-Maxx and Kraton 8s, Ovonic introduced reasonably priced lipo batteries with long running times and durability. If you’re looking for a replacement battery, Ovonic won’t let you down.

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