A simple guide for Remote Control Boat beginner

RC ships may not be as popular with RC Hobby as FPV, RC cars, and RC airplanes, because FPV and RC airplanes may have cool skills and high-altitude flight experience, RC cars are less affected by location, and some may You will also have some excellent skills to set up your own venue. However, the RC boat also has its own attraction, and some people  like to watch the RC boat glide–or shoot–across the water, which will bring  the beautiful track of water splashes.

How do RC boats work?

The transmitter or mobile device being used to control the boat sends a radio signal to a receiver on the boat itself. The receiver then interprets the signal and uses the boat’s motor to go forward, turn, or reverse. RC boats have been around for several years now and are a very popular. There are even a selection of RC boats for kids that make a great gift

what are the types of RC Boats?

Before deciding on a boat type, something you should know, similar to the RC car RTR, RC airplane RTF, RC boats also have two forms with RTR (Ready to Run) or build my own boat.  You can choose one that you like, but for the newbie, RTR is a better choice.

There are many types of RC boats available and all come with different features and specs depending on what you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for an RC boat that just want to play with children or want to participate a race, there is definitely a boat out there that’s perfect.

Here are some common and popular RC boats.


The RC sailboat is powered by wind, which is suitable for beginners, because it does not require too much maintenance and does not need to worry about any power problems for a  long running. There are casual types for those who just want to enjoy leisurely in the windy and sunny days, and there are also sports and racing types for those who want a faster speed.


Airboats are a hybrid of the two RC hobbies – both boat and airplane .   They work the same as drones do, but they swim instead of soar through the air.Airboats have a nitro engine on top which propels the boat across the water. They’re not always as widely available and typically come as kits, but they’re sure a lot of fun to operate.

3.Power Boat

These are one of the most popular RC boat types. Because they are simple and fun to operate. They are powered by engines or motors and you can choose between a sport boat or a race boat. Sport boats are perfect for beginners. They are easy to use and not fast enough that you need a lot of skills to manipulate them. So if you just want to learn about your hobbies, start with a sport boat. Cars are usually faster, so some people think they are more interesting. They are not as easy to operate as sport boats, but for many people speed is worth it.


Scale boats are less about speed and more about authenticity, mainly because they are related to real ships, people pay more attention to its appearance and sophistication. Of course, there are some boats that perform very well.


If you don’t have enough space to play, but want to join the hobby, check out the mini boat. They are perfect for use in swimming pools or small ponds. The only major difference between these ships and others is that they are smaller. Their operations are similar to those of other ships, some of which even have intricate details. So if you want to play a remote controlled boat but don’t have much space, you can choose a mini boat.

What boats and batteries are recommended?

Munich SAW was recorded at speeds of over 300 kilometers per hour (a little under 200 mph.) However, this world record setter was a custom build and is not available for commercial sale.

So, there are two boats recommended here.

First, The fastest RC boat that you can buy is probably the Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran. It regularly moves at speeds of 50-60 miles per hour, and with the right battery it can even go much faster than that.

For the Traxxas DCB M41 Catamaran,

Ovonic also has some model boat battery packs that can be used on this boat, such as 5000mah 3s 50c, 4000mah 3s 50c, 5800mah 2s 50c etc.

Second, The Traxxas Spartan is also the most powerful boat and easily one of the fastest, it’s also very expensive and may not have as much appeal to beginners, who may want a boat with self-righting capsize recovery technology.

And for the Traxxas Spartan, its input Voltage: 7-18 NiMH Cells, 2-6 LiPo Cells (8.4-22.2 Volts DC).

The higher the voltage, the faster the speed, so if you want a faster speed, you can use 6s lipo battery or two 3s lipo batteries. Batteries for DCB M41 Catamaran also can be used in this boat, besides, 6400mah 3s also support.


In addition to regular functions, some RC boats also have some types of built-in or mountable cameras. These boats are perfect for those who want to capture some outstanding first-person action shots with the boat when racing on water.

Beside, something you should concerned about is that most remote control boats should not be used in saltwater. Unlike freshwater, saltwater can cause rust and other forms of damage to the delicate electronic parts inside your vehicle. However, RC boats that are designed to be used in saltwater do exist – so as long as you make sure to buy something that says it’s “saltwater safe”, you should be able to use it anywhere.

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