EC5 vs XT60 Connector: Which is better?

EC5 vs XT60 connector

It is easy to distinguish them from their appearance. Compared to the XT60, the EC5 connector is larger in size and usually comes in a different color. In addition, they are very different in terms of details, which is also a hot topic of discussion. If you are interested in this, the following content will be very helpful to you.

EC5 vs XT60: Comparing basic specs

Features EC5 XT60
Color Blue Yellow
Amperage 120A Continuous / 230A burst 60A Continuous / 180A burst
Bullet diameter size 5mm 4.3mm
Weight 9g 6g
Price Higher Lower
Wire size 10-12 AWG 12-14 AWG
Plastic material Polyamide PA
Metal Material brass Brass Gold Plated
Rated voltage DC 500V DC 500V
Resistance 0.5mΩ 0.4mΩ
FR grade UL94V0 V2
Times of use 1000 1000
Temperature 20℃ to 120℃ 20℃ to 120℃

What is most concerned about is the amount of current that the plug can handle. As can be seen from the table above, the EC5 can handle a larger current, and the applicable wire is thicker.

Due to differences in materials and workmanship of individual manufacturers, the above data may vary slightly.

XT60 Connector Drawing:

XT60 (Drawing)

EC5 Connector Drawing:

EC5 (Drawing)


Compared to the XT60, the EC5 can handle higher currents and voltages. Therefore they are often used in high C-rate lipo batteries. Replacing the XT60 with an EC5 is a good option if you want to add more current. In order to get faster speeds, people tend to upgrade the powertrain to 4s or higher, then need to replace thicker wires and bigger connectors.

If you like bashing, then the XT60 has got you covered. Because the drivetrains of these vehicles are usually 2s or 3s. If you want more punch for racing, then the EC5 is worth it.

Choose a suitable wire according to your actual needs, common wire gauge table:

AWG Gauge Rated current(A) Resistance(mΩ) Wire Diameter(mm)
4 0 0.0008 9
6 350 0.0013 8.5
8 180 0.0025 6
10 150 0.0036 5.5
12 100 0.0055 4.5
14 70 0.0093 3.5
16 30 0.0145 3
18 20 0.0242 2.3
20 10 0.037 1.8
22 8 0.063 1.7
24 5 0.093 1.5
26 3 0.123 1.5

EC5 and XT60 can be used up to 1000 times and are very durable. Generally speaking, as long as it is not abused, there should be no problem (Tips: the number of cycles of lithium batteries is 200~300 times).

Do I need to replace XT60 with EC5?

Ovonic Rebel 100C 3S 6000mAh 11.1V LiPo Battery for ARRMA 3S&6S- EC5 Plug

If the ESC’s output current is greater than the connector’s current rating, consider using a larger connector. (Tips: The XT60 is rated at 60A, and the EC5 is rated at 150A.)

In fact, most people prefer to use adapters because they find it cumbersome to solder. But it’s easy to overlook the fact that too much current can cause the drivetrain to melt and catch fire. You know what that means. To avoid burning the vehicle, start welding. Then replace the appropriate plug and cord.

Tips for EC5 and XT60

  1. When welding, the positive wire should not be in contact with the negative wire to avoid a short circuit.
  2. The EC5 is IC5 compatible, so you can connect the Arrma car directly without adapters or changing plugs.
  3. XT60 is one of the most commonly used plugs, so there are many derivative versions, including XT60h, XT60i, and so on. Among them, the XT60h is a great product, it has one more grip than the XT60, and it is easier to plug and unplug.

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