JLB Cheetah 21101 Review: The Successor to the 11101

JLB Cheetah 21101 Review

The JLB 21101 is the successor to the famous JLB CHEETAH 11101 and is therefore often informally referred to as the CHEETAH 2. Except for the tires and body color, the 21101 has the same parts as the 11101. JLB 21101 Truggy / Monster Truck is available in two versions.

  • Once with 80A ESC and approx. 80 km/h top speed.
  • Once with a Hobbywing 120A ESC and over 100km/h top speed.

Power system

The JLB 21101 is characterized, in addition to its excellent road holding and its high-quality components, above all by one thing: exaggerated, excessive, and insane power!

The oversized brushless motor (3670 2500KV) pushes with incredible elemental force over the two differentials on the 4 wheels, so that no turf is spared and this remote-controlled monster could be used as a lawn mower or scarifier at any time. Even at the highest speeds, the power still pushes the unit onto the rear wheels, allowing wheelies in every conceivable situation or making it almost impossible to drive without accidental wheelies. The rear-mounted wheelie bar with 2 rollers on bearings is therefore anything but just for show – it is almost permanently in use and vital for keeping the device on the ground.


The included manual is perfect and in English – it describes all components and even every single small part via exploded views. Repairs should therefore not be a problem after a crash. The device is extremely robust.

Track and Camber

Track and camber are adjustable – the oil pressure dampers are progressive and have two different springs each – the dampers/springs are adjustable. The ESC has an imprint “Waterproof” and is therefore waterproof. Particularly impressive is the rigidity and massive construction. There is a gigantic metal plate both at the top center and almost entirely under the vehicle on the underbody, both of which are bolted together and to the other components multiple times. Flexible front and rear bumpers (with integrated LED headlights) provide protection.

Remote Control Operates

The “MT 305” type remote control operates in the 2.4 GHz range and allows distances of 100 to 180 meters. It also offers various setting options. Our test and review of the JLB 21101 have shown that the price-performance-fun-factor is outstanding! Every dollar is well spent.

Battery and Charger Review

The included lipo battery is a 4000mA battery with a T-connector. Of course, l if you want to upgrade, you can also use a lipo battery from another manufacturer. It is compatible with 3S batteries with at least 4000mA, preferably 20-30C. The battery compartment accepts batteries up to 45 x 138mm in size. In our tests, we loaded a larger battery (OVONIC 5200mAh 3S 50C).

The only but forgivable shortcoming: the included charger (a LiPo balancer) is no good at all. It doesn’t even have a main charging port and only charges the LiPo battery completely via the balancing ports. The power supply is also much too weak. This results in incredibly long charging times (over 4 hours). But you can overlook that. Every fan of RC models should own a high-quality charger or a multi-charging station with proper steam. The supplied chargers are rarely any good. So: simply replace them.

Recommended replacement battery: OVONIC 5200mAh 3S 50C

Recommended replacement charger: Ovonic X1 Dual Channel LiPo Charger

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