IC3 vs IC5 Connector: Depth Comparison

IC3 vs IC5 Connector

There are dozens of common RC connectors on the market, and they are used in different vehicles. Understanding the different RC connectors is necessary if you want to enhance the best performance of your RC vehicle.

So what’s the difference between IC3 and IC5? Answering this question is the reason why I created this article. If you are interested, the detailed answers below will be helpful.

To save you time, here is the short answer:

IC5 is a larger version of IC3. The major difference between them is the ability to handle the current.
IC3 can handle 60A, commonly used for 1/10 to 1/18 scale RC cars, RC airplanes, and lipo batteries.
IC5 can handle 120A, commonly used for larger RC models (1/5 to 1/8) and batteries.

Also, if you want to learn more about them, please continue reading below.

Specification Comparison: IC3 vs IC5

Connector IC3 IC5
Amperage 60A 120A
Weight 0.16 ounces 0.32 ounces
Size Smaller Bigger
Wire 12-14AWG 10-12AWG
Bullet diameter size 3mm 5mm
Car Size 1/10 to 1/18 1/5 to 1/8

As mentioned in the diagram above, the EC5 is larger in size in order to increase the ability to handle the current. space inside the RC vehicle is limited. Therefore, you can’t always use the EC5 or a larger-size connector.

You need to be aware that unsuitable connectors make it difficult to solder when you change plugs. However, dummy soldering can lead to improper circuitry and create major potential problems. In short, using the right size is the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use the IC5 Battery / IC3 Device adapter?

A: Not recommended. Many people use IC5 Battery / IC3 Device adapters to save the trouble of soldering. But they overlook a very important point, which is the ability to handle the current. This can limit the current received by the power system, allowing the connector to generate a lot of heat and melt. So whether it’s for safety or better performance, you should learn to solder.

Q: Can I connect IC3/IC5 to EC3/EC5?

EC5 vs IC5 Connector

A: Yes, they can. They are compatible with each other and you don’t need adapters or replacement plugs. IC3 can be connected to EC3 and IC5 can be connected to EC5. What is the difference between IC3/IC5 and EC3/EC5? If you are interested in this, please read another article (EC5 vs IC5 Connector).

Q: Can I use other chargers to charge batteries with IC3/IC5?

Yes, but you can’t use their smart features, including automatic storage and discharge, richer battery data, etc.

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