QS8 Connector VS XT90: Comparison in Depth

QS8 Connector VS XT90

Connectors limit the ability of the RC car powertrain to handling current, but often many hobbyists don’t realize this. So what’s the difference between the QS8 connector and the XT90? This article will give a detailed answer. If you are interested in this, it will help you a lot.

The short answer: Compared to XT90, QS8 connectors have the advantage of handling more current, are better made, more durable, and cost more.

The following is a detailed comparison between QS8 and XT90.

QS8 vs XT90: Basic parameters

Connector XT90 QS8
Photo xt90 plug qs8 plug
Continuous Current 45A 110A
Peak current 90A 300A
Rated voltage 500V DC 600V DC
Wire gauge 10-12AWG 6-10AWG
Metal material Brass Gold Plated Brass Gold Plated
Temperature range 120℃ Max 200℃ Max
Price $2-3 $8-11

Construction and Appearance

QS8 and XT90 are similar in construction and are compatible with each other. In order to identify them more easily, the manufacturer has made different designs in terms of color. As shown in the chart, the main color of QS8 is black, while XT90 is orange.

Current and Voltage

The biggest difference between the QS8 and XT90 is the amount of current they can handle. The QS8 has a much higher current handling capacity than the XT90, both in terms of continuous and peak current. Therefore, the QS8 is more expensive.

In addition, in order to handle high currents and withstand high temperatures, the QS8 needs to be connected to a thicker gauge, 6-10awg. However, XT90 connectors are commonly used in the 10-12awg gauge range.

Derivative versions

Both QS8 and XT90 are available in different versions such as QS8-S and XT90-S, and QS8 V2. Where S stands for “Spark Arrestor”, which eliminates sparks when connecting and reduces the risk of fire. In addition, ProTek has recently launched the QS8 V2, which can handle burst currents up to 600A.

QS8 vs XT90: Which is Better?

The QS8 and XT90 are used in different RC vehicles or electrical devices. So it all depends on the amount of current you need to handle.

In fact, RC car connectors are commonly used by Dean, EC5 and XT90, etc. They can meet the needs of most hobbyists. In addition, they are more readily available in the market and can reduce your spending on RC, especially if you need more packs of lipo batteries.

The QS8 is designed for high currents. Only by handling higher currents can you get the best discharge performance out of your batteries. If you plan to improve the performance of your RC car, using a higher C-rate battery and QS8 may be essential. More importantly, if the current exceeds what the connector can handle, it can cause the plug to melt and even destroy your RC car.


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