Skyrc T100 vs T200: Review&Comparison

Skyrc T100 vs T200

Both T100 and T200 are dual-channel RC chargers from Skyrc. Compared with the T100, the top of the T200 has a handle, which is more convenient. Apart from this, they are very similar in terms of styling. When it comes to configuration, they are quite different. Are you interested in this? Then the reviews below will be of use to you and I will compare their details.

Comparison of basic parameters

Charger Skyrc T100 Skyrc T200
Battery LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/LiIon: 2-4 cells
NiMH/NiCd: 6-8 cells
LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/LiIon: 1-6 cells
NiMH/NiCd: 1-15 cells
Charge Wattage 50W x2 100W x2
Discharge Wattage 5W 10W
Charge Current 5.0A 12.0A
Balance Current 300mA/cell 500mA/cell
Size  127x100x90mm 178x135x96mm
Weight 500g 850g
Price $87 $173
 The biggest difference between T100 and T200 is the charging power.  The T200 has a maximum output of 200W and charges faster. For example, you can charge two 7.4V 2s with 12A at the same time, and the power of each channel is 100W. Also, if you charge 200W in one channel, the other channel has 0 power.

T100 only supports 2-4s lipo batteries, and the usage range is small. T200 supports 1-6s lipo batteries, which have a wider range of applications and higher charging efficiency. If you plan to keep the RC hobby long-term, then the T200 is better for you. The T200 basically meets your charging needs.

The T200 is a bit larger than the T100 and 350g heavier. The T200 body is larger than the average market rival, but the weight is about the same.

The screens of the T100 and T200 are relatively small, if you are used to them, it is still ok. They have more buttons and feel more convenient to operate than ISDT D2 and HOTA D6 PRO.

SkyRC T200 Review:

T100 vs T200, which is better?

Simple answer: The T200 is better than the T100 in all aspects, such as range of application and charging efficiency. You can think of the T200 as an upgraded version of the T100. When it comes to price, the T100 is a solid budget option. It all depends on your preference. In fact, Skyrc is one of the top brands compared to its competitors in the market. So the quality of the product is worthy of your trust.

Common pros of T100 and T200:

  1. The charging function starts automatically. Intelligently identify battery type, voltage, and more.
  2. Both the Skyrc T100 and T200 have two channels that operate independently, and you can charge batteries of different chemistries at the same time. For example, one Lipo battery and another NiMH battery.
  3. Terminal Voltage Control. You can set the full voltage higher. This function is often used by people who participate in competitions and charge their lipo batteries to 4.22v.

Of course, they have several points worth optimizing, such as:

  1. The balance port is too high, causing the battery to hang on it when charging. What we do know is that the balance lead of the RC lipo battery is very short.
  2.  The adapter and balance board are not included. For example, their output port is XT60, if the battery plug does not fit, you will need to spend extra on the adapter.
  3. There are no USB ports that can be powered. When enjoying the fun of RC outdoors, we often encounter mobile phones or electrical equipment without power. So I’ve always been confused by the design of this.

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