Top 5 Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo Battery 2022


Welcome to read our guide to the top 5 radio-controlled aircraft lipo batteries. We make the final ranking based on rigorous testing and comments from the majority of pilots.
What is the best battery in 2022? Combining its performance and price, we chose Ovonic.

1. Ovonic

The best battery for most people


  • Top 1 Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo Battery 2022
    Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo Battery
     Cost-effective.  With the same performance, ovonic has the lowest price.
  • Good performance. High-rate continuous discharge, the voltage will not sag very quickly.
  •  A good reputation.  Both the capacity and the C-number are real, just like what they advertised. In such communities as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc, Ovonic has received positive reviews from pilots.
  •  From a manufacturer with many years of production experience.  Ovonic batteries do not have quality problems, and their high-energy density ASP batteries have low resistance. If you use and maintain it correctly, it will not swell easily.

Ovonic has self-developed batteries and uses high-quality electrolytes. With advanced packaging design, Ovonic batteries are lighter in weight and smaller in size than other batteries. For comparison, I tested some batteries with similar specifications, and they are four common battery brands. I made a table as follows. With these two advantages, Ovonic provides remote control helicopters with better flight performance and longer running time, and you will have an aircraft that surpasses mid-range competitors.

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Specification Ovonic 1300mah 6s 120c Tattu 1300mah 6s 130c CNHL 1300mah 6s 120c GAONENG 1300mah 6S 130C
Capacity 1300mAh 1300mAh 1300mAh 1300mah
Voltage 22.2V(6S) 22.2V(6S) 22.2V(6S) 22.2V(6S)
Discharge Rate 120C 130C 120C 130C
Size 44X36X75mm 39X36X78mm 50X34X78mm 43X34X87mm
Weight 222g 200g 246g 242g
Price $28 $37.99 $23.98 $29.99

2. Gens ace

Excellent performance

Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo BatteryHighlights:

  •  Excellent battery performance . If you plan to participate in RC helicopter competitions, gens ace battery is the best choice. Its high discharge rate and high reliability give you an incredible flying experience.
  • With more than  20 years of battery manufacturing experience  and industry-leading automatic stacking technology, battery performance is better. They use high-quality Japanese and Korean lithium polymer raw materials.
  • Has an  impressive battery life , over 300 cycles. Our test package has been close to 30 cycles, and it can still output enough voltage under load, just like a good package should.
  • Gens ace is  well known  by RC enthusiasts and is an RC lipo battery brand under the Grepow company, which was established in 1998.

One of our few complaints about Gensace is the high price. Of course, if you have a sufficient budget, it is suitable for you. Because for skilled pilots, discharge performance is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing lithium polymer batteries for their helicopters. It represents the maximum current they can safely draw from LiPo without damaging the battery. Gens ace is worth trying, and it won’t let you down.

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Offers great value for hobbyist fliers

Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo BatteryHighlights:

  • Affordable.
  • Can provide enough power for most pilots.

CNHL’s performance is not the best, slightly larger and heavier than other brands of the same level. But it is a good choice for people with tight budgets. CNHL is suitable for pilots to train helicopters daily.

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4. Zeee

Suitable for those who are looking for a cheap alternative

Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo BatteryHighlight:

  • Affordable.
  • long runtime.

Cheap alternatives are one of the best choices for beginners. The size is slightly larger than other battery packs by 1-2 mm. They are doing well with taking a charge, all the cells are balanced well, no overheating issues, puffing, or connection issues. On my 6th cycle and doing well.

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Zeee 22.2V 100C 6000mAh 6S Lipo Battery with EC5 Connector RC Battery

Zeee 14.8V 4S Lipo Battery 50C 3300mAh Soft Case Battery with XT60 Plug

Zeee 14.8V 4S Lipo Battery 60C 3700mAh Soft Case Battery with EC5 Plug

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5. HRB

Customer service is great

6. A list of well-known LiPo brands

In addition to the top 5 above, there are many common battery brands. For example the following:

  • Thunder power
  • Pulse
  • Venom
  • Infinity
  • Maniax
  • ZOHD
  • Hobbyking
  • Bonka
  • RaceDayQuads(RDQ)

7. How to choose Radio-controlled Aircraft Lipo Battery?

lithium polymer batteries parameters
lithium polymer batteries parameters
  •  High discharge rate(C) .  The higher the C, the greater the energy of the helicopter’s power system, allowing the pilot to do more difficult aerobatic maneuvers. This is also one of the most important factors for pilots. It determines the upper limit of the helicopter’s speed.
  •  High voltage . The higher the battery voltage, the more stable the continuous discharge and the slower the sag. This is why many pilots choose high-voltage lithium batteries. Note that the battery voltage is adapted to the voltage of the motor, otherwise the battery voltage will be too large and the motor will burn out. The commonly used lithium battery voltage is 3.7-22.2v, you can check this detailed article. <Lipo Voltage Chart>
  •  High capacit y. In the case of constant weight, the larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery’s running time.
  •  Lightweight . The lighter the weight of the battery, the better the flight effect of the helicopter.
  •  Compact size . Make sure that the size of the battery fits your RC model. If it is too large, it cannot be put in.
  •  Adapted battery connector . There are many types of connectors, you can check this detailed article. <Know About the Details of 16 RC Battery Connector Types>


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